Yanet Garcia Vs Jen Selter Who’s Hotter?

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Who is Yanet Garcia? Yanet Garcia is a Mexican model and weather presenter on Televisa’s Monterrey News. She generated substantial media attention in 2015 for reporting the weather while dressed in tight-fitting dresses, and has since been the topic of news around the world, taking up invitations to get interviewed by several television shows in Mexico and abroad.
Prior to becoming a weather reporter, García took part in the first casting for Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León 2013, the preliminary competition which selects Nuevo León’s delegate to the national Nuestra Belleza México contest. She is currently dating FaZe Censor.
Who is Jen Selter? Jen Selter is an American fitness model and instagram star. She was Born on on August 8, 1993 in New York. She is one of the most followed fitness model with over 10 million followers. She get media attention because of her amazing buttocks and upload her workout videos and pictures on instagram. Jennifer selter also appeared in many famous magazine’s covers such as “Elle, “Muscle & Fitness”, “Maxim”, “The Economist”, and “FHM”. In 2014 AskMen Ranked #82 in the top 99 Most Desirable Women. She has an older sister (Stephanie), a mother (Jill).

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rage face says:

I don't care there both hot so I'll just fuck them and then we'll have sex I'll get them naked and i will be happy.?

Sahil Singh says:

I think Yanet takes the "CAKE"?

Coolyo Coolyo says:

Jen 6 Yanet 5?

Savage Junior says:

Yanet García, she's to hot???

Jeshua Facundo says:

yanet all the way?

Nick Salgado says:

Idk both sexy?

hades says:

yanet hands down!?

Curtis Ross says:

11-0 Jen wins, she made me weak with a boner?

areli olvera says:

Jen ??

SelahAhmed IbnMalachi says:

Yanet Garcia is hotter?

kobrakan21 says:

anyway it is a "cream of the crop" matchup :-)?

kobrakan21 says:

Tie (french : match nul) !
i can't to decide between these two gorgeous women ;-)?

Brian Spak says:

yanet garcia?

GrandMCLithuania says:

yanet 100%?

Interferes // Conversations says:

Yanet has bigger tits but asses are similar, but yanet looks better so I'd probs fuck yanet over Jen. Both are so hot though??????

Hysen Morina says:

I will vote them when i see this 2 without make up?

Marley Zamora says:

Yanet Garcia?

Sloan Weekes says:

? Now THIS is a comparison!?

Jacob Stallard says:

yanet Garcia is hotter?

imanol flores says:

I go with yanet because Latina booty?

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