Yoga and Sex – Asana, Treatment, Diet Tips & Cure in Tamil

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In the fast paced life of today at times people lose interest in sex. But there are ways you could revive it. Yoga for better sex teaches you how to handle yoga and make your sex life better.

Let us see the yoga poses for better sex

Cow stretch

Begin with the knees and the hands and keep the shoulders over the wrists and the hips directly over the knees.
Breathe in and make an arch like a cow by bringing the chest up and taking it away from the stomach and extending the tailbone upwards.
Release the feet so that the tops are on the ground.
Breathe out and bring the lower back up like a cat by contracting the stomach muscles.

Childs Pose

Kneel on the ground and touch the big toes together sitting on the heels .
Separate the knees and keep them wide and breathe out laying the body between the thighs.
Narrow the hip edges so that they cuddle down onto the inner thighs.

Chair Pose

Standing with arms on the sides lift the chest and bend the knees .
Squeezing the inner thights keep the arms straight.
Lift them above the head and stretch the fingers towards the sky.
Keep the upper spine in a backward bend and tuck the pelvis in.

Butterfly Pose

Sit with the heels of the feet together. Also keep the knees open and bend forward.
Keep the face touching the toes and hold for around 20 breaths.

Noose Pose

Stand straight and breathe out.
Now squat and keep the feet close and breathe in .
Now keep the right hand over the right knee and breathe out.
Keep the left hand on the back and take the right hand.

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