Yoga for Low Back Pain Relief with Meera | Relaxing Beginners Yoga Stretch Routine, 25 Mins

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Yoga for Low Back Pain Relief with Meera | Relaxing Beginners Yoga Stretch Routine, 25 Mins

Meera helps you relief low back pain, sciatica and over all tightness in the body with this relaxing yoga flow. Great for all levels & beginners.

Meera Hoffman teaches Yoga classes in Austin, Texas. She also offer on-site wellness services such as yoga classes and chair massage, to corporations and private events in the Austin area.

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Esfix Macz says:

Surprised she not married, she seems like such a sweetheart. Good vid

Eelke Aptroot says:

Matching outfit and mat, looks great! These exercises are bound to help people with their back pain issues.

Boss Hogg says:

Goodness me, I uh.. I don't think I should be in any yoga classes, especially with tights or something on

Marissa Rackley says:

Hi Meera! Thanks for making this video! I've had low back pain since giving birth to my kids. Your pants are so cool! Where did you find them? Hello, from a fellow Texan that lives close to the Austin area! 🙂

Larry F says:

Is this channel not making massage videos anymore? There used to be 1 or 2 produced every week, but there hasn't been one in over a month.

Jason Ross says:

Meera's pants are 2 Legit 2 Quit

Amamra Said says:


Sia Asvestas says:

Great lower back session. Thank you

Bob Carey says:

Crack your toes


Meera has a most pleasant voice.

atlas manning says:

great video!

Ashok Dass says:

That was great …

Stomedy's says:

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PC BEAST Nvidia says:

that hunched back tho ?

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