“You’re So Tiny!” UPDATE ON MY WEIGHT LOSS 4.11.15

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I made this video to explain where I hold a lot of my weight. I’m not upset about it 🙂 still working on it of course! But just to show you guys I’m not “tiny”, so no worries, I’m still healthy! Starting weight: 240 lbs, today: 172.5 lbs in 11 months 🙂 -67.5 POUNDS DOWN, BABY!
My Trainer: @jonnystraws


mamg586 says:

I love your videos, but I can never finish them cause the umms kill me!?

HumerusFitness says:

The journey’s never over but you have done such an amazing job up to this
point! :)?

hayley smyth says:

Hey Gracie, been following you quietly on Instagram for a while now and
it’s nice to find someone who’s the same heigh and was the same/ish weight!
I see your pics everyday and I thank you for helping me find the motivation.
I had my son nearly 3 years ago and I took the whole “eating for two” a tad
too seriously haha. I have sciatica and join problems so I’m in a lot of
pain most days but I guess we all have excuses at first but I just wanna
thank you for shaking your amazing journey with us! That belly will be gone
in no time, you’re smashing it!

Much love from the UK :-*?

Valley Ortega says:


Ummm lol
Kuddos though! Hiitmax on ig is awesome as well. Check him out?

Brianna Crisel says:

Seriously you are awesome!! I just started my journey in September and have
lost 35 lbs..I love following u on ig..u are so inspiring and your previous
video where you were crying made me start crying to be honest ..lol?

vanessa11421 says:

I need to be
More motivated I need to lose weight ?

Shawna Kay says:

I still think you’re tiny haha, I mean that as a compliment! ?

Roxi_fitness says:

You are doing so amazing! You will get there before you know it ?????

kbeauty90 says:

You’re doing great. The healthy way is always best. I’ve followed you from
almost the very beginning of your journey, and you have kept me motivated
on my journey. I remember some of your first treadmill videos.. How things
are different now!!! Keep it up!! My instagram is @kelseyfit90. ?

Amanda Erickson says:

So many ummmms.
But you are awesome. ????????
Youll lose that belly weight girl. ?????

From a brown eyed girl says:

Gracie, I was one of the people who left you a “you look so tiny” comment,
my comment wasn’t in a negative way, I meant it in a “yay congrats- look at
you Gracie kicking ass!!!!” type of way! Lol I am as well 5’4 and at 178
pounds (I gained 60 pounds due to depression) :/ but I’ve lost 10! (So far)
& you are motivating me so much! I feel like you and I are doing in this
together, let’s get to out Goals !!! #youinspireme que tengas un día
maravilloso 🙂 ?????

Tiffany Demers says:

You are amazing.I started my journey Sept 22nd 2014. At 270 pounds and I’ve
lost 95 pounds since! I’m stuck at 175! But you have kept me going since
day one ! I’m not giving up! I have ALOT of extra skin on my BODY! Makes me
look bigger but trying to tone ! I’ve had alot of bad days.this past
month.but seeing you keep going helps so much!?

Erica says:

I have the same stomach as you and what do u plan on doing to lose it!?
I’ve been trying everything ?

Lourdes Molina says:

haha I love your video too, you are so sweet and funny!! keep in track with
your goals!! you are an amazing inspiration!! I can’t wait to see your

Scemo Person says:

How did you motivated??

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