Zeek Rewards Clarification From Radio Show and VIP highlights

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=5056 You can read the whole article at MLM Help Desk.


Troy Dooly says:

ROFLOL… Why? What face do I need? to save. I reported the facts as they became known, and I still am. It seems you are way behind on whats is happening.

llh4ck3rll1 says:

if i? were you Troyk, i will delete my account in youtube, to at least save your ugly face of further damage!

Michael Flores says:

Zeek Rewards? can be a typical Multi-level marketing company. It had been apparent to discover it had been subsequently prone to close. I’ve possess a video that shows people items to search for when looking for a company. Appreciate video. Continue the fantastic work.

tirekingone says:

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Ahsan Majeed says:

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Troy Ferron says:

Troy, you are so sad, you arent even a good lier, you keep praising zeek and Paul Burke when you know or knew this thing was a big ponzi scheme. Even after it was proven you tried to make it sound like they were doing all this just to make and help people that really need it “save there house” or “buy there meds” please,? admit it. All they did was help people that were disparately hoping for a miracle out of there money. I hope carma takes its toll on you. “BE COMPLIANT” PLEASE ……..

Paul Munsie says:

My family (inlaws) were in Lyoness and I avoided it because I was already in Lyoness. I am sorry for any of you that have been hurt in Zeek. When Dr. Keith Laggos spoke of Zeek, he mentioned ha had started a position in Lyoness. Keith is the number one authority on MLM’s in America. He stated Lyoness is? the next hottest thing to hit America. I can tell you that is true. Lyoness is what I do full time and I will explain the business to you and help you build your own Lyoness. Paulmunsie@yahoo.com

Dave Burke says:

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Millionchaser says:

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Kathy Connor says:

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Ned Beasley says:

Troy,? Love those REDEMPTION t-shirts. Where can I get em?

richarerich richards says:

people making $ not working= can’t be sustained. eventually “investors” will drop math will catch up. i’m gonna give you 5000 free bids, wow, you’ve created your own zeek dollars ? what the hell good is a “bid”. you say this has reviews. well it must be the perfect crime. zeek can’t just sell goods on a virtual store shelf ? oh no, you need to invest, buy bids. the Feds must have their heads up their ass to allow “bids” as investments,?

Brad Lewis says:

I have had a background in Securities and I can tell you that you are a hero when the market goes up and low life scum bag when the market goes down. All of this without your control.
We have a golden opportunity with Zeek but if we don’t give the company more breathing room we could cause damage to our company and the value of our accounts. Let’s show some understanding, root for Zeeks success and pray that they get their customer? service challenge fixed. Vote Republican for freedom.

Simon Halliday says:

Thanks for your uploads Troy, great work. As a? Zeek affiliate I was wanting to use one of your videos on my blog, do you mind if I embed it on there? Your enthusiasm and attention to detail is excellent. Thanks, Simon.

David Sullivan says:

Great job Troy? Thanks Champ… If customer service is my only complaint.. Im very happy, I just get more knowledge and further educate ourselves which eliminates the need for them, Be come leaders and gain answers


You are correct, this is one program where the Zero can make money as well as the? MLM Rockstar can make money.


Great video Troy,

Troy please wear a helmet when you ride.

I met Paul a couple of weeks ago at the office and seems to be a pretty straight up guy.
I am in Zeek and my wife seems to think the auctions are almost a game of luck or gambling.
What is your take on the countdown on the auctions, plus people use automatic bidders.

Give me a call 4344295560 ? Stuart Brandt

Ariel Dahan says:

Love love you Troy!
You’re just AWESOME!

doron buchnik says:

Hey Troy, on the paper everything is nice, but for a company that exists in the internet? for so long, I would expect little more professionalism and responsibility, too many problems I ask customer service about the commission that not received a month ago still no answer, my friend registered, we tried to upgrade to diamond, we transferred money from STP twice $ 99 that just disappeared, Zeek said they work on the STP problem,I passed them all the details two weeks ago, still no response,

Erez Shaked says:

it must be said that although zeek looks like one of THE BEST thing happened to most of us in long time… their (our) customer service is just way far from what we all deserve and it must be taking care of dramaticaly right on spot with no further delay –PLEASE text them
take ? good care

Erez Shaked says:

hi troy
i am one of zeek rewards affilitate in ISRAEL
i would like to encourage you for what and how you say things. you sound veryyy? proffesional
and must say SMART.
after been in the classic MLM industry as what people call LEADER
i am here to say it out loud ” NEVER SAW SUCH AN BUSSINESS OPPORTUNITY BEFORE for the avarage people around the world
god bless you and bless ZEEK that changing real time every day people lives for much much better 🙂

Patrick Babcock says:

Troy – Thank you for your fair and conscientious reporting. As a Zeek Rewards Affiliate – I am encouraged and heartened that you will be keeping an eye out for any vulnerabilities or compliance issues and? notifying Zeek so they can attend to it promptly! As you know, there are so many good people who have been stranded on the shores of this economy who are excited about and counting on the wellbeing of Zeek. Thanks for keeping an eye out on the “goose that? lays the golden egg” for all of us!

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