Zeek Rewards Update July 11 2012 Covering the Current Developments

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=5530 This is the most current info we have received. More will be reported as news becomes available.

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Michael Flores says:

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tirekingone says:

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tirekingone says:

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DaveNC09 says:

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geraci89 says:

ban this asshole! if you people are any smart at all you will know that you will NOT? find a legit rewards program that offers $250 a day just for copy and pasting something. GET REAL

geraci89 says:

lmfao? shut the fuck up you moron.

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250dailyonline says:

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Kathy Connor says:

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Luis Alberto Guzman says:

Feds Halt Alleged $600 Million? ZeekRewards Ponzi Scheme: How It Happened And What’s Next. SCAM LMAO

kashif brooks says:

Hello..We can Help..Anyone who has been with Zeek Rewards and has now been dealing with the recent issues…We at vitel wireless? sympathies and have made it possible to bring yourself and your entire down line to join? our family for free…Email me at Kashif.Brooks@gmail.com to get more info…Again,We are allowing yourself,and your entire downlines to get started for free….

PartyLasVegasVIP says:



Scott incr says:

I know you are doing great in Zeek, but have you heard about the new Penny Auction? I have 1,250 people in my downline and 80% of my paid affiliates are in Zeek. Many people are doing both companies. The new company is just like Zeek but it pays 3 levels on all bid purchases instead of 2 levels and points expire in 120 days instead of 90 days. You? can give me a call or mesg me back 4 more info if you’d like. Scott 941.993.3700

Brent Bouma says:

If you are looking at joining Zeek Rewards and don’t want to be left high and dry once you join you should really consider contacting me at 204 229-7766. I am currently a member with Zeek and have? built? a huge team.

David Boozer says:

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ZoSentel says:

hello. whats your technique on marketing something from the FSC store and how will the commissions show up on your? report?

kennygant says:

This has the potential to be BIGGER than both Zeek and Bidify…
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Patrick Hebert says:


In Prelaunch?

typrmonster says:

up today i meant……?

typrmonster says:

All commissions are not up today i still havent received my? commissions from my FSC store, which is aggravating still a good company but they need to be on this.

CyberMarketing17 says:

spam? are? you trying to get your account suspended?

Victor williams says:

boogse.zeekrewards(dot)? com join now for 60 days free and experience real Daily income!

BlondeTarzen says:

Sorry Troy, it was a earlier post,? can’t find it now.

Rocco Maiolo says:


Rocco Maiolo says:

Who rates the? BBC?

handyreis says:

REX Venture group is rated F at the BBB. Check it out yourself. Zeek is a Ponzi and will soon collapse. There are only so many suckers out there and then the new money stops and you lose everything. Their penny auctions? are a joke. A couple auctions a day that go on for ever can’t make the profit necessary to pay all the members when they want to all withdraw there shares. Thats what happened in the 30’s when everybody went to the bank to get what money they had and it wasn’t there.

Jay Trinh says:

Vietnam will be next sanction country that? zeek will shutdown…watchout vietnam

james cotoia says:

This is for you or anyone else you know that would like more money..Everyone makes money & no-one drops out.Get paid to advertise! 5 min per day..Earn Daily Cash Rewards,Share in the company retail profit pool, No Sponsoring, No Selling. 100% Passive.. Work up to a 5 figure income! This is the only MLM that everyone makes money & u make it from day 1…they pay you to drive web traffic to the auction site? BrewingPennies . zeekrewards .

Trung Nguyen Thanh says:

Same question?

Trung Nguyen Thanh says:

As a Vietnamese, I truly feel sorry for what some hackers of us have done to the zeekland, causing too much troubles your both Vietnam and others friend country. We have? lost at least 100+ accounts , means too much $. Zeek now has a better sucurity, Mmybe all of you are now feeling a bit more safer (a bit more safe, I repeat) but noone is sure that Pro Hackers will not make a revenge, cause even more trouble. don’t be too excited, things can get even worse,Protect your password the best you can

Minh Nguyen says:

good? job zeek ! 🙂

Kimhuong Thang says:

wow,now zeek in peace
love? zeek, viet nam alll we love zeek

Minh Nguyen says:

very good zeek!? Votr

Qu?c Vi?t says:


Mikhail271988 says:

But thank you for all? of the info you do put out. GREAT JOB TROY!!!

Mikhail271988 says:

Still no info on taxes, no info on rather people are able to deduct their all of that money that they are putting back in as bids at the tax time. Say if within the first year you made 30,000 but did not receive a check due to 100% bid repurchase choice, would you have to pay thousands of dollars in taxes even tho you did not pocket any income? I’ve asked this for months now and no one seems to know or give? a straight answear.

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