Zeek Rewards Victim Representation, Bidify Compensation Tweaked, RICO Charges Next

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=5899 Click the link above to read the full editorial and to find out how to get your Zeek Reward Refund.

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AntiPonzi says:

Bidify is a collapsing pyramid scheme!
Check “reach” for Bidify.com and? Bidsson.com? at alexa.com. The pyramid scheme and? its penny auction ‘product alibi’ is in full collapse.
Members who have paid in lots of moey are complaining about not being paid.
This is no surprise, as Bidify is run by convicted criminal Frode Jørgensen (2 1/2 years prison sentence in Norway for establishing and operating the illegal pyramid scheme Plexpay Network).
Stay away!

Walter Campbell says:

BIDIFY may be the biggest thing yet,

but it might fizzle out over time…

Regardless of whether it does or not the #1

thing you need to succeed are leads…

If you don’t have leads then? you don’t have


All companies and programs revolve around

people and the only place you’re going

to make money from is people…

People are online… Learn

how to attract leads “like a magnet”

and end the pain of “hoping it works”…



Johnny Belsome says:

Go to zeekrewardsclassactiondotcom to fight with us on? getting our money back

divabikinis says:

All the penny auctions are ponzi schemes and violates? Rico statutes just like Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) does. no real customers.

The Universe says:


andrew12341231 says:

i dont love you, i think you are a scumbag piece? of shit who would defend a fucking scam, go shoot yourself faggot

The Universe says:

Andrew, the Mirror never lies. Whatever one puts out equals the giver. That is NOT a personal opinion, but? a Universal Truth. I love you, man! ???

andrew12341231 says:

Differences between SS and Zeek.

Zeek: 1.5% per day, withdraw money daily. deposit 10k and withdraw 100k within 1 year, people lived comfortably on zeek scam. money not invested and earns no interest.

SS: Pay into every 2 weeks, depositing? into system over 40 years. get 1200 a month. interest on deposits accruing over 40 years. can only -withdraw when 65 (When close to dying), hardly anyone can live off of SS,

andrew12341231 says:

lol, you are? fucking retarded

easyincome222 says:

timeovermoney@yahoo.com if you want to know how I lost money in? Bidify and am making money in another

pgtnetus says:


tirekingone says:

Hello they are a new? penny auction site taking pre sign ups click on my name tirekingone to see more about the new penny auction Bid With integrity get in now for the best spot in the matrix i am the 134th person to sigh up. It is located? in South Carolina
bwisignup. com/atwoodel

Erico Dixon says:

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symbologee says:

Why? stop there? Why not also include the Federal Reserve? It is neither federal, nor does it have any reserves…

DaveNC09 says:

Lesson Learned, do not put big upfront money out of your? pocket with a MLM program. With that in mind, please look at the program I found, it is only $25 to start and you get 100%? commission on downline! This is a NO risk program


urfirstenergychoice says:

Well, there must be a reason you are not covering UPP troy so i don’t want to step on any toes, perhaps corporate has asked you not to review them! But? something is up because I have 6 figure zeek earners partnering with? me in ULTIMATE POWER PROFITS! We are the 1,813th most visited site WORLDWIDE! 949 in U.S. ALL WHILE IN PRE-LAUNCH! See alexa rankings! Zeek earners ARE FOCUSED ON EARNING REAL MONEY AGAIN not tying it up in litigation. Thousands of us from ZEEK are in UPP now. see my channel

Johnny Belsome says:

Federal class action lawsuit
Go to zrlawsuitdotcom
Timing is everything with a class action case.
We are first to file in federal court and have more than a seat on the committee but we are steering the operation. It’s your money that? Paul has fraudulently stole from you now let’s go get it back.
Get the facts now zrlawsuitdotcom

alp Dundar says:

i was just wondering did? troy invest on zeek?

Paul Munsie says:

My family (inlaws) were in Lyoness and I avoided it because I was already in Lyoness. I am sorry for any of you that? have been hurt in Zeek. When Dr. Keith Laggos spoke of Zeek, he mentioned ha had started a position in Lyoness. Keith is the number one authority on MLM’s in America. He stated Lyoness is the next hottest thing to hit America. I can tell you that is true. Lyoness is what I do full time and I will explain the business to you and help you build your own Lyoness. Paulmunsie@yahoo.com

instillation9 says:

Please? Sign the Petition for?? the?? White-House !!!

Address: //0.mk/…ZeekPetition

Stop The SEC? And? Attorney General From Stealing? Our? Business.. !

instillation9 says:

We are strong and we will not fall… let´s gonna fight together!! Justice will be done… ! There are? a lot´s of politic and other MLM business interests behind this… I hope that Zeek Rewards? pay them back…

Keith Scheafer says:

That’s too Bad I’m Sorry you lost friends and family, the one’s I showed Zeek too and joined knew they did of their own decision. People got hurt alot of them Me included. But I’m going to put my Big Boy Pants on and build a bigger better business somehwere else. All the thinned skin folk’s can cry in their milk and be a victim? and go no-where!

instillation9 says:

…as always when “the little man” find a? way to increase his personel economy,”bigbrother” puts a thumb in his eye…

instillation9 says:

!!!? Send the North Carolina Attorney General an email from their facebook page.? Trying to get them? 20,000 messages? today !!!

address: //budurl(.)com/rr8n

eaglessb1 says:

Man amazing how all the comments marked as spam tell so much of the harsh truth.

Keep warning the sheep my friend, the wolves don’t want you taking their dinner.

And yeah its amazing how other penny scams… I mean auction sites are like vultures trying to scoop up the people who? are lost confused and limping so they can increase their pay… its sick. I’m glad I stayed out despite being pressured to join

eaglessb1 says:

After losing thousands, lossing friends, and family after this scam we should just? “move on”

Strange not too long ago Troy was saying “Don’t panic, stay here, it will be ok…” now we are a inconvenience?

eaglessb1 says:

Wow? sorry for your loss, yeah whats sad is that most of the people that are “recruited” are close friends and families… now they are gonna see you as a idiot and untrustworthy and might just stop communicating with you totally.

Lots of people out there are friendless, broke, and sleeping on a couch tonight after this Zeek thing

Paul Munsie says:

Lyoness is my sole source of income and I am here full time to support you. Lyoness is what Dr. Keith Laggos spoke about when he gave the controversial? Youtube interview.He said Lyoness was the next hot MLM in America. I am part of the fastest growing leg of Lyoness in the USA.If? you would like to find out how? Lyoness pays? you and what drives this sustainable business, please email me at paulmunsie@gmail.com

JLizard says:

Receivers take the majority of the money, affiliates will be fortunate to get 10% back in the next 5? years… look at Equinox International!

JLizard says:

1,000,000 people just lost on Zeek, 200,000 affilitaes, 600 million dollars- and you are telling people to? be cautious with Penny Auctions? How can you keep a straight face? Please listen to what you’re saying before you post. You can’t really be this dumb.

JLizard says:

You did absolutely no homework. ? They were bringing in 20K a day in auctions and promising a million to reps. You really should hide your bald head in shame and stay out of MLM. You completely sold out to the upper enchelon of Zeek and your ignorant advice has cost many Amercian Dreams.

instillation9 says:

Send the North Carolina Attorney General an email from their facebook page. Trying to get? them 20,000? messages today.

htt p…: //budurl(.)com/rr8n

instillation9 says:

Please Sign the Petition for the White-House !!!

Address: htt.p.s.. //petitions.whitehouse(.)gov/petition/support-keeping-zeek-rewards-open-stop-sec-and-attorney-general-stealing-our-business/YTbTXj3q?utm_source=wh

Support Keeping ZeekRewards Open: Stop The SEC And Attorney General From Stealing? Our Business.. !?

instillation9 says:

Please Sign the Petition for the White-House !!!

Address: htt.p.s.. //petitions.whitehouse(.)gov/petition/support-keeping-zeek-rewards-open-stop-sec-and-attorney-general-stealing-our-business/YTbTXj3q?utm_source=wh

Support Keeping ZeekRewards Open: Stop The SEC And Attorney General? From Stealing? Our Business.. !

instillation9 says:

Please share this with everyone and post this news all over the Internet, on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have set this up as a Facebook page so everyone can promote it and get the word out here:
-Address: //budurl(.)com/7444
He will be addressing all questions and comments into? further announcements on the site at
-Address: //zteambiz(.)com

instillation9 says:

SEC are LIARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? :((

LegallyLawless says:

Nothing Troy Dooly says is trustworthy anymore, if he says “This is? the way!” I bet the opposite, my money is safer that way.
Thanks to this idiot’s fraudulent influence over a legitimate industry, I lost my ass big time on Zeek because I listened to this flip-flopper’s poor advice.
Shame on me for ever listening to? a hustler like him.
Until 3 days ago, Troy said Zeek Rewards is a “relationship business!” Based on that shit advice, I sponsored all who “trusted me.”

Theda Brown says:

Zeek wasnt a Ponzi however the SEC? would like the public to believe that so that they can take what DOESNT belong to them.

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